“Creativity is intelligence having fun”. A prolific blend of both, matched with her own unique touch of sublime aesthetic and flair, designer and curator, Niti Gupta, adds that ‘extra’ to the ordinary, extracts the possible out the of ‘impossible’ and imagines the unimaginable!

A graduate in Leather garment design and technology from the prestigious NIFT, New Delhi, Niti gave further impetus to her creative spirit, as she got her exposure to the design and creative space all over the world. A woman of many facets, she has dabbled in various spheres of design, right from marketing and teaching the art of stain glass painting, training in the tannery department at the Central Leather Research Institute in Chennai, training in the chemical color labs at Novaria Chennai, training at Vivaldi Leathers in their harness leather accessories division to working on fashion shows at the Indo-British Partnership Fair. With an on campus recruitment at the prestigious Triburg Leathers, she has worked with brands like DKNY and Liz Clairborne.

Given her penchant for arts and design, she nurtured her skills as she learnt the art of Bonsai, Ikebana, Bidri craft, embroideries, pottery, Tanjore art, origami, oil and water painting, calligraphy, DIY projects, and a whole gamut of other crafts. With her creative genius going beyond product design, Niti is also a member of the Writer’s Association, Mumbai and has been Honored by the V&A Museum, London, alongwith the selection of her print work for the “ Inspired by” competition and displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum London, UK. Niti also formulated and headed the NIFT Alumni Association India since inception in 2004 up until 2016.

With global exposure, her inimitable sense of style and design matched with a strong innovative design philosophy, Niti took another step forward in her journey and launched her first company “Escapades”in 2004 - a design house dedicated to creating exquisite wedding invitations, business design, brochures, personal stationery, boxes, packaging concepts and home decor (trays and platters and the like). Right from understanding the client’s brief, to sourcing the best of materials and painstakingly giving it that ‘out of the box’ look and appeal, Niti is involved through the process, ensuring that each client gets nothing but the best in design and style. With clients getting a fresh new appeal and funk to their products, Escapades flourished in Delhi and Mumbai and Niti then took it overseas to Dubai.

Commenting on her love for design and her first venture 'Escapades', Niti Gupta says, “ Escapades - adventures in design - is where we design for literally every reason and every season….giving an identity to the brands, stationery, e-design, and lifestyle products…which reveal their own story every time…

Her bianuual collections are something to look forward to!

With design being the centrifugal force that bound everything for this design maverick, Niti fuelled her love for the creative realm and launched the events section, 'Epiphany', a one stop destination for exclusive and exquisite event design, decor and florals that manifests magnificence in every way. Handling fashion event set ups between London and Dubai, wedding decor, thematic party decor, event management, and floral decor, Niti has got a varied experience in this field.

Whether it is a look of a hundred flamingos prancing around snowflakes, or if it’s a sea of blue lotuses with a floating crystal marquis, the sky is the limit for her to design or visualize. Her ability to swim through the thematic requirements of an event, make her work stand out amongst others. The beauty is in the details of her design and ideas that bring to life the decor and florals, giving that edge of an essence to any event she works on, in a magnificent way.

For a woman who believes that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ Niti Gupta’s work is anything but predictable. As opposed to doing a ‘rinse and repeat’ job, each product, each design and each creation bears a unique individual aesthetic and personality, not to be repeated for another client. This ‘exclusivity’ has truly been Niti’s USP. She says “To believe in creating the impossible, the most magnificent and the unimaginable is my inner most desire and my strength”